DEREK IRVING'S Little BIG BAND:   A great mixture of up-tempo high energy music rooted in 1950's Rock N Roll Rockabilly Jump Blues..... Music when you had to put a dime in the jukebox, a time when the type of dancing shoes was important as was how well your hair looked.  Guy and Gals cutting a rug on the dance floor.   Guitar and Horn driven songs that keep the party moving.  The Little Big Band is not a nostalgia act .... The music is laden with throwback influences with sounds of the pioneers of rock n roll, rockabilly, jump blues and americana music.  But there’s also a sense of raging urgency—a distinctly contemporary urgency—that refuses such easy classification. The group’s influences are easy to pinpoint—Chuck Berry, Eddie Cochran, Carl Perkins etc. But the group also recalls Freddie King, Bo Diddley, Link Wray, Dick Dale and of course 1950's rockabilly. The music speaks to fans across the musical spectrum.   Derek Irving and it's Little Big Band band members are veteran musicians with vast experience performing in the United States and Europe, from juke joints, to theaters, to festivals, to wineries all the way to amphitheaters.....  There is no doubt that the sound will keep the good vibes going with dancing making the LBB (Little Big Band) a great addition to any event.  Derek states "I've found that all ages really appreciate what we do and we're always able to keep the crowd engaged with our high energy show. I'm always knocked out by the response we get from people who maybe hearing us for the first time."  The band is based in the Bay Area. 

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                     DEREK IRVING'S LITTLE BIG BAND

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