Derek Irving is influenced and inspired by sounds of 1950's rockabilly and 1950's rock n roll with jump blues, swing and traditional blues added in.

His music is laden with throwback influences, but there’s a sense of raging urgency—a distinctly contemporary urgency—that refuses such easy classification. The group’s influences are easy to pinpoint—Chuck Berry, Eddie Cochran, Carl Perkins etc. But the group also recalls Freddie King, Bo Diddley, Link Wray and of course 1950's rockabilly. The music speaks to fans across the musical spectrum.

Derek started his professional career back in 1990, when he played guitar for Mitch Woods and His Rocket 88's. During that period, Derek recording on Mitch's Blind Pig Records release "Shaking The Shack" and toured the United States and Europe. During this period the band backed Earl King and Johnny Adams. By the late 90's Derek had a local blues band called The Aces. The Aces had lot's of local success and was a finalist in 2009 International Blues Challenge. The Aces released a cd with Spain's El Toro Records.

Derek started his own band in 2015 and has been gaining a repurtation for an energetic band that can thrill audiences of all ages and demogratphics.

Derek also continues to back other great band leaders on guitar. His professionalism and musical background allows Derek's guitar playing to blend in and become part of another musical experience.

Derek has two Northbay best band awards, 2010 for best blues band then again in 2016 for best rock band.


Rockabilly Duo

Derek Irving's Little Big Band

Derek Irving and His Combo

Derek also performs on ocassion with Mitch Woods and His Rocket 88s.

Derek and bands are based in the Bay Area.